Right Twice a Day

But we can fix that!

Repair, Service or Modification of your timepiece

Perth - Western Australia

Surfing with the Alien all done.  Not so

Custom Watch Dials

Hand Crafted Bespoke Time

We craft custom watch dials. for those who have a desire for a truly unique one of a kind timepiece we make dials that will fit your style, taste or passion.


Watch Modification

Make a watch how you want it

The Seiko Modding industry is getting larger every day with people wanting to ad a custom or personal element to their timepiece.  We see so many poor attempts at modification that are not done right! We can modify your watch to preserve not just the water resistance rating, but ensure a quality watch modification.


Battery Replacment

Fitted Swiss batteries

We use the best Swiss batteries on the market - Renata.

After fitting a new battery a water pressure test is conducted to ensure your watch maintains its water resistance


Servicing and repair

Qualified Service & repair

From a simple strap change or flat battery to full strip and service, To us every timepiece has the same value                     Priceless.


We perform qualified work to get your watch to right all the time not just twice a day


Based in the northern suburbs of Perth I keep costs down by working from home. Due to current high demand all current Seiko Mod work is been fulfilled by post only.  This is the most cost effective a fastest solution.

All Mod Work is completed within 3 days upon receipt.


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ABN : 16435126858